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Using IR Thermography, TheSealCheck™ presents advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for seals. Beyond current Visible and X-Ray methods, our imaging technology adds an important 3'rd dimension to vision-based product inspection. TheSealCheck™ helps make sure your products are properly sealed!
TheSealCheck™ Features TheSealCheck™ Benefits
100% Inspection ... Do not exclude any bottles, bags or trays from inspection.
Non-contact / Non-destructive testing (NDT) ... Reduce effort and waste.
Thermography ... 'See' your products in an entirely new way - without extra labor costs and/or damaging product.
Affordable solution ... Lower your cost with simple installation, economical operation, and a competitively priced system.
Verify seals on a range of products ... Check seals on bags, pouches, bottle-caps, trays, and other packages.
Compatible with a wide range of sealing methods ... Use with heat-bars, heat rollers, inductive, flow wrappers, and ultra-sonic sealing systems.
Simple install, small footprint ... Preserve line configuration and keep line operating during installation.
Quick changeover - no adjustments needed ... Choose new product type - as simple as that.
Line operation statistics (failure trends, temperatures, etc.) ... Monitor critical process changes that may otherwise go unnoticed.
Accuracy ... Qualify small thermal pattern changes down to 1/15th degree Fahrenheit
Fast ... Operate your production line at speeds as high as 200 PPM!

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Confidence ...

TheSealCheck™, offered by USA-based company, is the market leader for thermal-imaging based automated heat seal inspection applications. Our technology is best-in-class.

Quality seals!

Our patented thermal inspection technology works with applied heat roller / heat bar / inductive / ultra-sonic sealing systems and delivers 100% non-destructive realtime product testing for improved quality control. Additionally, our system integrates seamlessly into your existing manufacturing process.

Effective security ...

We offer a robust privilege-based security framework that also provides an audit-trail of change activity. Privilege modes include None, password only, password enabled privilege levels, or user-based password and privilege levels. Audit tracking is also available. These are requirements of 21-CFR Part 11.

Containers containing frozen fruit ...

heat sealed pouches

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heat sealed pouches
automated 100% heat seal inspection Affordable - Effective - 100% Inspection - Easy Wash-down installation

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