Seal Inspection that works - detects temperature differences as small as 1/15th degree.

Our patented technology works with heat / inductive / ultra-sonic sealing systems and shatters conventional methods for seal verification. Performs 100% non destructive realtime quality control and seamless integration in to your existing process, and can detect temperature profiles an an accuracy of 1/15th degree Fahrenheit.

100% heat seal integrity verification.

Top seal inspection of pouches of frozen fruit ...

seal automated verification heat sealed frozen fruit pouches


Seal inspection of plastic film-covered trays of meat ...

heat sealed trays of meat


Top-Down seal verfication for hot-filled containers!

Hot Filled Containers Thermal Imaging Seal Verification


Non intrusively mounted on production lines ...

Thermal Non-Intrusive Heat Seal Inspection


As market leader, we have a growing list of customers ...

Examples: Kroger, Compass Minerals, ScieGen Pharmaceuticals, Califia Farms, The Clorox Company.

pouches trays cups heat seals


See your product seals in action with thermal imaging ...

enercon heat seal top down inductive inspection


We are happy to arrange a 3 hour visit, capture realtime thermal imagery, and, for your review, produce an action video of your actual production!

Use our systems with a variety of heat-sealing equipment ...

Use TheSealCheck™ with your sealing equipment: Enercon Super Seal™, UltraFlex Ultra Heat, LGYF-1500A, Eppendorf, Cantec, PlexPak, Bosch, and more.

TheSealCheck™ illuminates seal integrity ...

Top down containers:

Medical trays:

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No project is too big or small. We will be happy to evaluate your application and provide help and a quote for our system.

Top-down induction seal cap inspection ...

top-down induction heat seled bottle caps


Frozen food trays ...

heat seal inspection of frozen food trays


TheSealCheck™ has many applications ...

Heat Sealed Products

• Top-down inspection of induction-sealed caps. • Sealed trays such as frozen lunches, etc. • Linear heat seals on pouches of all sorts. • Pharmaceutical products such as fluid containers, surgical kits, and more.

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Our Mission

Seal Inspection Console - Heat Seal Inspection with Thermal ImagingWe pride ourselves on offering the ability to inspect product seals produced by Heat, Induction, and Ultra-sonic sealers with a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

We have experience with foil cap liners, stretched plastic, cartons, Tyvek®, wrapped product, bags, and pouches of all sorts.

We want to help you eliminate shipping any unsealed product.


Our Patented Technology

TheSealCheck™ offers our patented and powerful Self-Learning technology coupled with Thermography where our system can actully "See" and inspect the heat footprint left behind by sealing equipment.

TheSealCheck is very effective.Seal Inspection of Bags of Frozen Fruit